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Best Friend’s Veterinary Center was established in 1980 by Dr. Eric Anderson and has had an award-winning reputation ever since. What has contributed to the clinic’s success over the years has come from more than just our passion for animals, but our devotion to our community. We feel it is important that we not only provide great service to our clients and their pets, but service to the community as well.

Our clinic has numerous wildlife rehabilitators, sport coaches, youth mentors, and community board members represented by our staff. Dr. Erica Syring, alongside several of our supporting staff members, are actively involved in our local 4-H animal sciences program. Dr. and Director, Eric Anderson, proudly serves as an Adjunct Professor for Washington State University, where he has the honor of educating and empowering veterinary students from around the globe. Dr. Anderson also serves on the Whidbey Health Commission board for North Whidbey District 5.

Our clinic serves as a proud host for students of Oak Harbor High School’s medical and transition programs as well as San Juan, Bellingham, Yakima, and Pima Licensed Veterinary Technician schools.

With our strong bonds that we have created with the local community and our undying passion to helping wildlife and pets, we are honored to be the award-winning clinic that we are today.

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